Chicory drink as we know it is obtained from the root of the chicory plant which is reduced into small grains, the "cossettes", following a roasting and crushing process. Rich in fiber , vitamins and essential minerals , this plant has been prized since Antiquity for its medicinal virtues. Its benefits are particularly interesting for pregnant and breastfeeding women . Indeed, during pregnancy, diet must be adapted for the well-being and good health of future mothers and the future baby. Certain foods and drinks are prohibited or not recommended and it is not always easy to find alternatives. We explain to you why you will love chicory!

Tea, coffee, herbal teas: what can you drink when you are pregnant?

Coffee during pregnancy

Coffee is one of the drinks to avoid when you are pregnant because of the caffeine . Indeed, the caffeine in coffee is bioavailable , it passes directly into the blood as soon as it is absorbed and it can cause side effects such as stress, headaches, stomach aches, excitement. Pregnant women's sensitivity to caffeine is often increased and this can amplify unpleasant pregnancy symptoms . Caffeine also slows down the assimilation of essential nutrients such as calcium and iron, which are needed more when carrying your future baby. Furthermore, caffeine could restrict blood flow to the placenta, increase the risk of miscarriage and even pose a risk to the fetus (lower birth weight) if consumed in too high a dose. This is why the WHO recommends that pregnant women do not exceed 300 mg of caffeine per day. Breastfeeding women should also monitor their coffee consumption (caffeine passes into breast milk).

Tea and pregnancy

And for tea ? Tea does not necessarily contain caffeine, also called theine . Also, it diffuses differently in the body than when you drink a cup of coffee. Indeed, tea contains an amino acid with relaxing properties, l-theanine , which slows down the assimilation of caffeine. This duo provides gentle energy , without energy peaks and the unwanted effects of coffee. It is also more durable (around 6 hours) than that of coffee. However, if your tea contains theine, be sure to limit its consumption to respect the recommended daily dose.

What herbal teas when you are pregnant?

As for herbal teas , infusions without caffeine, while some can relieve the discomforts of pregnancy and soothe its symptoms, others should be avoided. Indeed, certain plants, for example, contain phytoestrogens (such as sage or ginseng) which can have a hormonal effect and increase hypertension, and some have abortive properties (saffron, flax, etc.) which increase the risk of miscarriage if they are consumed in excess.

Drink chicory when you are pregnant

Chicory is a perfect caffeine-free alternative which has the advantage of having many benefits for pregnant women and the fetus .

A supply of essential nutrients for the health of mother and baby

Chicory is a balanced , low-calorie drink that contains good nutrients necessary for the smooth running of pregnancy. It is rich in vitamins that boost immunity. It is also rich in folate (vitamins B9) which play an essential role in the constitution of the nervous system of the fetus: they reduce the risk of congenital malformations, in particular neural tube defects. It is rich in minerals , such as iron, and promotes their assimilation (assimilation of calcium in particular), unlike tea and coffee which block their absorption. You can consume it during or at the end of your meal without problem!
Chicory is also rich in fiber . The inulin present in chicory is a prebiotic fiber which improves the balance of intestinal flora and promotes good digestion. It helps prevent constipation, a common disorder during pregnancy.

A detox effect

A plant related to dandelion, chicory helps purify the body of accumulated toxins. It promotes beautiful skin and a pretty complexion throughout pregnancy. Drinking chicory also helps you hydrate (even if it does not replace water) and hydration is essential to avoid digestive and urinary problems common when you are pregnant.

A perfect alternative to coffee

If coffee needs to be limited during pregnancy, it can sometimes be difficult to change a habit. Chicory is a very good substitute for coffee. Thanks to its good nutrients, it naturally stimulates our natural energy . With its slight bitterness and sweet caramelized notes, it allows you to enjoy it all day long. Opt for a chicory latte version for even more deliciousness! You can also choose one of our chocolate versions with our Escale Cacao .

Chicory during breastfeeding

An impact on breast milk production

Without risk for your future baby, chicory is also excellent if you want to breastfeed. Its regular consumption would even help stimulate lactation !
Beneficial properties for the health of breastfeeding mothers and infants.
What diet should you adopt when breastfeeding? Simply a balanced diet that will provide you with the nutrients you need. This is why chicory is once again a great option!

Chicory and mental well-being

A comforting hot drink, a cup of chicory can also be a good remedy to relieve physical and psycho-emotional stress that is often present in the first year after childbirth. Chicory would also promote good sleep , one of the pillars for being less stressed!

Precautions and contraindications

Limits on chicory consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Excessive consumption of chicory can of course cause side effects. For example, it can have a small laxative effect. Like all good things, it should be consumed in moderation. You can consume 2 or 3 cups per day without problem. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not hesitate to consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice. If you are allergic to inulin, consuming chicory is contraindicated.

Choose your chicory wisely

Not all chicory is equal, whether in terms of taste or in terms of quality . Choose chicory from organic farming , with no added sugars. Our organic chicory has been carefully selected to offer you the best of the plant.

Practical advice for integrating chicory into your diet

Healthy and tasty recipe ideas containing chicory

The simplest way to incorporate chicory into your habits is to consume it as a hot drink . Mix 2 teaspoons with 200 ml of hot water. For a latte version, heat the same quantity of milk or vegetable drink of your choice! For a little more fantasy, you can use chicory as an ingredient in your sweet recipes . Original recipes, both healthy and delicious, such as chicory muffins or chicory and peanut butter pana cotta .

Suggestions for a balanced and varied consumption

Integrate chicory into a varied and balanced diet , in accordance with the recommendations of your doctor or midwife. Naturally caffeine-free, chicory can be enjoyed throughout the day , at breakfast to start the day off right, after a meal to promote digestion, for your snack break or in the evening for a moment of relaxation.

An alternative to caffeinated drinks , chicory is also a great ally for experiencing your pregnancy more peacefully and fighting against its inconveniences. Healthy and delicious , it does not require compromise between promoting your health and having fun!

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