Candle Box ☕🕯️

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Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️
Candle Box ☕🕯️

Candle Box ☕🕯️

€52,90 Sale Save
Nourea bottle N°1 The Original

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The sweetest box ✨. Do you want to discover chicory and put yourself in a relaxing mood with the sweet scent of a hot drink? We have partnered with Versatile , the young brand that is shaking up the codes of perfumery with natural, alcohol-free ingredients and unique scents. It brings together :

  • 1 bottle of N°1 - L'Originale or 1 bottle of N°2 - Escale Cacao of your choice to reduce caffeine and enjoy the caramelized flavor of a hot drink rich in fiber

  • 1 Café Crème candle made by Versatile which recalls French breakfast. Coffee, Buttered, Milky, Cardamom, Sweet, Cappuccino. An original candle, vegan and made in France ☕🕯️

    A carefully crafted candle

    Each candle was hand-poured in the South of France. The wick is made of untreated cotton.

    Its unique perfume, concentrated at 12%, was designed in Paris and manufactured in Grasse.

    135G of scented wax. 100% vegetable and biodegradable wax.

      Around 35 hours

      Do not let the candle burn for more than 3 consecutive hours

      A candle is not “just” a product that smells good.

      INCI LIST: Vegetable wax (88%), Perfume (12%)

      Hydrogenated Rapeseed Wax (Europe): Vegetable wax

      Perfume - Fragrance (Grasse): The appellation that brings together everything but which never reveals itself! Our perfume contains 19 natural (🌱) and synthetic (🔬) ingredients

      Top notes:

      🔬 2 Acetyl pyrazine

      Balsamic: Popcorn, Grilled

      🔬 Terpenyl acetate

      Citrus: Zesty, Woody

      🔬 Diacetyl

      Balsamic: Butter, Hazelnut

      🔬 Eucalyptus Essence

      Aromatic: Camphor, Resinous

      🔬 Linalool

      Floral: Lavender, Zesty

      🔬 Methyl cyclopentenolone

      Pyrogenic leather: Coffee, Smoked

      🔬 Sulfurol

      Woody: Sandalwood, Pecan

      🌱 Turpentine Essence

      Woody: Sandalwood, Pecan

      Heart notes:

      🔬 Hexyl butyrate

      Fruity: Buttery, Fat

      🌱 Cardamom Essence

      Spicy: Peppery, Citrusy

      🔬 Coumarin

      Balsamic: Almond, Floral


      Floral: Rosy, Watery

      🔬 Hedione

      Floral: Jasmine, Watery

      Background notes:

      🔬 Mysore acetate

      Woody: Sandalwood, Floral

      🔬 Bacdanol

      Woody: Sandalwood, Amber

      🔬 Ethyl Maltol

      Leather: Pyrogenic, Caramel

      🔬 Ethyl Vanillin

      Balsamic: Vanilla, Caramel

      🔬 Iso E Super

      Woody: Iridescent, Earthy

      🔬 Methyl brass 10

      Woody: Coconut, Sandalwood

      Isopropyl Myristate: Candle solvent

      Contains Ethanone, Alpha-pinene, Beta-pinene, Coumarin, D-Limonene, Eucalyptol, Linalool.

      Remember to always cut the wick (approx. 5mm) before each new use.

      Be sure to let the candle melt to the brim before blowing it out.

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      Affreux emballage

      Bougie est arrivée cassée - emballage inadéquat et paquet non rembourré.

      Service clients m’a répondu (très rapidement) “on me renvoie la bougie” Noël est passé… loupé

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      Chicory grown and roasted in France - 100% ORGANIC